Make your own RGB partylight in 5 min. (No skills required!)

Here is a really nice and very easy project to brighten up the dark days of winter. I made this project for instructables more than a year ago.

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It’s the Law … Joule’s Law

In the last tutorial, we discussed Ohms law and we saw the relation between Voltage, Resistance and Current.

Joules, an English physicist and brewer (beer and science: the perfect couple 😉 ), found out that something else had a direct relation to current and resistance: heat.

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Blink some LEDs with a 555 timer

One of the first projects of every evil and mad scientist is making some leds blink. After all no evil mad scientists lair is complete without big controlepanels with blinking lights. This video shows you how to connect some LED’s and a 555 timer together to get the much desired blinking effect.

For this project you’ll need:

  • a 555 timer
  • 2 LEDs
  • 2x 150Ω resistor
  • a 1MΩ resistor
  • a 100KΩ resistor
  • a 10µF polar capacitor
  • a breadboard and some wires

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It’s the Law … Ohm’s Law

A lot of people don’t start with electronics because they think that it involves a lot of mathematics and they are correct. However, you don´t need a higher degree in maths, you are already halfway if you can find the on-and-off-switch of your pocket calculator.

If you still have doubts then read on and you will see how easy it is.


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